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Fossil Shells from Western Oregon--A Guide to Identification

By Ellen J. Moore

This book will appeal to residents of Oregon, tourists, and students. Common fossil shells are pictured with annotated photographs alongside a description of their distinguishing characters. Fossiliferous rock formations are briefly described, and maps show their geographic occurrence near western Oregon towns. Eight detailed excursions by car give an illuminating overview of the geology of western Oregon. This book, with a comprehensive bibliography and index, is a must for the intellectually curious.

The paleontologist author of this popularly written handbook is a scientist emeritus of the U.S. Geological Survey and a courtesy research associate in Oregon State University.

This book expands on the author's previous technical and popular books to include the full geologic range of fossiliferous rocks in western Oregon, from the late Paleocene to the Pleistocene, and the full geographic range, from border to border.

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Size: 6x9 inches, 131 pages. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 00-102253. ISBN 0-9640066-1-8. Two-color cover. Published: May 2000. Softback $12.00 (shipping included).

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